My personal history from birth to present.

A rainy August night in 1955, this was a home birth and I took a while to appear. When I finally chose to emerge it was almost midnight (Astrologically Leo/Virgo cusp). On seeing me the midwife exclaimed;“My God it’s an eleven month old baby!”. Not good start in this world but I got on with being a child.
I remember having my nappy changed around a stove which stood in the middle of our Council house living room. One evening my Mother attended to me crying in my cot and holding me at the top of the stairs accidentally tripped and I bounced to the ground floor and just giggled.
Another night a candle fell over and set fire to a chair next to my cot, it filled the house with smoke and I was rescued just in the nick of time.
Too young to walk or talk I was placed next to the serving hatch in our house so Mum could watch me and I her. What was on the radio? Victor Sylvester and his band - that music always reminds me of Pea soup. Next was ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ by Max Bygraves. I cannot listen to that song even today. As I’ve already said, I couldn’t walk or talk.
For reasons only known to my Mum and dad I was pushed in my pram dressed as baby girl. Comments such as “Hasn’t she got lovely curls” during visits to the high street coffee shop. I remember as a toddler being taken to the nearest CO-OP shop; The smell of the sawdust, bacon-slicer and a huge cheese cut wit a wire. We also queued for our annual CO-OP dividend with dozens of others which smacked of post-war rationing.
Next. In those days you didn’t get jabs for diseases you were made to play with kids who had the various viruses. I did and caught Measles. The one thing you don’t do is let a child with Measles is go out in full daylight because it can ruin eyesight. Guess what? I escaped and have a defect to my left eye to this this day.
During a holiday in Scarborough I experienced my first panic attack! On a local,harmless children’s rail ride with a Western theme, the main character ‘Hank’ who scared me so much I came out screaming? I was bought a beach bucket and spade and played for hours with them.
When we returned home, the bucket and spade were still around. I was often left alone in our garden which was quite large and overgrown because my Dad hated gardening. I decided to dig a hole in the garden with my treasured bucket and spade. I dug and dug until I couldn’t get out the hole I created - I had reached the main sewer pipe! My Mum called out for me and discovered me in a massive pit looking very guilty. I was bathed ad told to fill the hole in the following day. I must have been just four at the time! An archaeology career beckoned?