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I'm often asked what 'The fifth door" is? How long do you have and have you got a comfy chair?
I am fully aware of a separate existence to the one we all bump around in every day life. I don't like using words like 'Spirit World' because it tags me instantly.
My new novel is a way of trying to explain myself and what I perceive to be real? Uncle Norm.
Amos pressed the button for DNA recognition twice and the screen refused access once again. She searched for her gold pentacle in her small satchel and waved it at the display screen. Amazingly, the codes unlocked and she was allowed to enter the vast secret scientific facility.
She strode into the central suite, which was octagonal in plan and bristled with cameras and sensors of all types. The seat was made of ‘Luciform’, purple in colour and beckoned. Which incantation would she enter into system and encounter new levels of existence?
Ritual Magic was the tool, long abandoned since Crowley’s time in the early twentieth-century. This was real and very scary!
The place was abound with technology but also shared space with ancient magic books, Egyptian spells, pagan texts and modern candle burning rituals. This was a special place!
The Fibonacci Institute was closely associated with the CERN project and was exploring the possibility that human thought could influence events in the material world.
The five, towered complex was entirely lined with black marble and was a psychically sterile environment. The heart of the unit boasted the best three-dimensional pentagram known to either magic or modern science.
The tall, spindly shape of Strang stepped out of his office and barked, “You’re late!” Amos replied, “Your security didn’t like me tonight”. The pair stared at each other with mutual distain.
“Get to work” was the order to Amos, straight and unwavering. Amos flinched at the demand but still grabbed her bag and entered the circle.Sparks flew from the monitoring equipment causing a minor fire alert for the technical staff, all of who regarded Amos as a fraud. Amos lit her candles, burned precise incense and slumped into the office chair provided. Strang stared from the observation booth and watched his scientific monitors. What he saw was ‘real magic’ being recorded on his equipment, a flick of electro-magnetic response wasn’t enough for him.
Next came bright light! The laboratory was filled with a phosphorescent haze that seemed to creep like a cobweb, connecting to all parts of the room. Loud bangs and knocks followed then a box of tools flew across the space and landed in a frozen position. This was where the past, present and future joined hands and magic became a scientific subject.