Gonk Hall is a totally fictional medieval house full of dead folks.

Click here to download this file The idea for Gonk Hall came from the board game 'Cludo'. However, all 'Gonksters' are actually dead and playing the game allows them to acquire cards or elements to achieve an afterlife. This closed group on Facebook can be accessed by personal message or e-mail, all I require is a great 'Gothic' name for your character and a short biography.

Yep, a strange place full of strange people.
May I introduce myself, I am Sir Norman De Fibrilator and my ancestors crossed the channel in 1066 with William Duke of Normandy. I was designated a sliver of land between Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire known loosely as Gonkshire which boundaries 'wiggle' daily.
I am Squire of 'Gonk Hall' although I died beneath the wheels of London Hackney carriage in 1886 I think? All my residents are actually dead but look forward to revival.
Our motto is; Don't get a life - get an afterlife.
I love you all.
Squire Norman De Fibrilator

Designate 'Perfectionist' Paris Larham as my official secretary from this point on.

The Hall