There is should be a clear definition between what you need and want

Top of the 'need' list must be Ina,

Ina never liked having her photo taken but did let me draw her a few times around 1974 when I started art college.

Two very spirtual sketches.

It seems crazy now but all I wanted when I was about 13 yrs old was a pair of ‘genuine’ American Levi’s blue jeans.

I bought them from ‘Jeff’s’ the legendry Nottingham emporium known for such stuff; they were twice my size in reality and to my nose smelt of pure Americana – James Dean wore jeans just like this in Giant!
Back home the tepid bath was drawn and I settled into the ritual of ‘ Levi fitting’. The jeans shrank to my young shape and stayed just like that until I grew out of the best pair of trousers I’ve ever owned.
I salute Levi Strauss & Co

PS I still own a Levi’s leather jacket circa 1969.