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It has taken a while, but I would now like to start showing some of my art which helped to sustain the Fahy manor between 1984 and 2000.
I loved the work and really miss it, but situations change and we have to adjust accordingly.
This was one of my last commissions. Leicester Jewry Wall Museum had four skulls of previous occupants of the area and I was invited to bring them to life in a pictorial sense.
John offered the boxes and left the rest to me but I was also given digital scans from Robin in London (Meet the Ancestors) to base my work upon.
This was the first time I ever used digital sources but it seemed to work.
The final images are on display at the museum.
I attach the Iron Age ‘Rushy Mead man’ who looks like Lemmy from Motorhead.


I was asked by Rutland Council to illustrate a ‘lectern’ information board proposed to be sited near the entrance gate of Oakham Castle in 2000.
I worked closely with Tim Clough the museum curator who provided an extensive documentary and archaeological record to base my conjectural image upon and all seemed well.
The board was produced at great expence using public money and was subsequentially trashed by a select group of Oakham youths.
I visited Oakham Caste in 2005 and took a photo of the ‘distressed’ display and have cleaned it up for anyone really interested in the site.

1980 art here