This has been a long established obsession of mine

H.G. Wells wasn't the first author to explore time travel.

That’s a far as we get but backward time travel is really possible.

I have recently been caught in the cross-fire between two opposing entities at Castle Rising Castle, I have experienced some severe mental, physical and spiritual effects which I feel I have successfully overcome through the aid of the ‘good guy’ and a sequence of long, deep sleeping sessions.

I have received two clear voices on waking recently which were simply “hello” and my first name in a welcoming tone.

If you choose to venture into the spirit world you may receive wisdom and useful information, but beware there are those who wish us harm and can pollute our daily lives.

I have returned to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner whom I regard as one of the greatest thinkers in modern times and want to share a tiny fragment of his enormous knowledge with you.

‘In a lecture of 1918, The Dead Are with Us’ he [Steiner] is much more forthcoming. In this, [spirit contact] he emphasizes the similarity between sleep and death. He goes on:

Besides waking life and sleeping life there is a third state, even more important for intercourse with the spiritual world…I mean the state connected with the act of waking and the act of going to sleep, which lasts only brief seconds… If we develop a delicate sensitivity for those moments of waking and going to sleep we shall find that they shed great light on the spiritual world… At the moment of going to sleep the spiritual world approaches us with power, but we immediately fall asleep, losing consciousness of what has passed through our soul.

In order to understand all this, says Steiner, it is necessary to grasp a basic fact about the spiritual world.

In the spiritual sense, what is ‘past’ has not really vanished, but is still there. In physical life men have this conception in regard to space only. If you stand in front of a tree, then go away and look back…the tree has not disappeared … In the spiritual world the same is true in regard to time. If you experience something at one moment, it has passed away the next as far as physical consciousness is concerned; spiritually conceived, it has not passed away. You can look back at it just as you can look back at a tree. Richard Wagner showed that he possessed knowledge of this with his remarkable words: ‘Time here becomes space.’

In this lecture Steiner shows no reticence about the matter of intercourse with the dead. (He adds, in parenthesis: The methods of modern spiritualism, of course must be avoided….’)

We encounter the Dead at the moment of going to sleep and again at the moment of waking… As far as physical consciousness is concerned, these are two quite different moments in time; for spiritual consciousness the one is only a little further from the other.

He goes on to say that the moment of falling asleep is specially favourable for communication with the dead. If we wish to ask something, we should ‘carry it in our soul’ until the moment of sleep, then put the question. The moment of waking is the best moment for the dead to communicate with us. The question must be imbued with feeling and with will. Then it will be committed to the ‘subconscious’, and will be automatically passed on to the dead at the moment of falling asleep.

There is another rather confusing piece of information. When we put a question to the dead, what we say actually comes from the dead person: the answer comes from us. The dead inspire the question, so to speak, and the answer comes from our own soul. This says Steiner, is the reason why, although we are constantly surround ed by the dead, we cannot communicate with them – we are unfamiliar with this curious back-to-front language (which, admittedly, sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland). This also explains why, when the dead communicate with us at the moment waking, we may be unaware that they are communicating; we simply assume that we thought it. ‘A great deal of what we simply undertake in life is really inspired by the dead,’ says Steiner.’

Wilson, C., 1985. Rudolf Steiner – the man and his vision. The Aquarian Press. Wellingborough. UK

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