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This is my first blog so really don't know what to do.

Castle Rising research still in full-swing, have just translated Assize record from 1202/3 relating to Daniel the leper. Is it possible the leper colony lay within the castle site?

Jennifer Pacheco's 'ghost dog' is causing a real stir.

Check out my 'paranormal' page for an actual ghost picture taken at 9.30am and I actually saw this object travelling like a meteorite.


Congratulations to Tony Trueman on signing the first Guestbook entry.
Many thanks for your interest.


Thanks Charlie, keep it psychological.

NGRIT-UK (Northern Ghost Research Investigation Team) will be conducting their fifth paranormal investigation at CRC on 13th September (with me on tow).
Patrick Firth and the team are a very professional outfit with lots of experience - www.ngrituk.co.uk

The investigation on Saturday was magnificent - more than we ever bargained for! (watch this space)

Apologies to anyone who has tried to use my 'Guestbook', I hope it's one of few teething troubles relating to a new website.

Getting ready for a 'long' paranormal event tonight at Castle Rising Castle with www.mystic-worlds.co.uk
Light anomalies seem no longer the preserve of digital photography at CRC, visitors may see them with the naked eye as NGRIT-UK did last Saturday.

The NGRIT-UK investigation was magnificent and the results from last weekend were totally unexpected for such a small group.

I want to personally thank everyone who has participated recently - these are tiny parts of a wider jigsaw puzzle. All you need to do is respect those who come to us during each session.

Really looking forward to the final Wisbech Castle event on 29th November.
Then we have a vigil at Castle Rising Castle 22nd December.

warmest wishes

Hi Dylan,

I really want to see your black orb, please send to norman.castle@talktalk.net so I can evaluate

Great night with Northampton Paranormal Group on 28th Feb.

I look forward to seeing shots from each camera.
Sorry for 'chucking' Malcolm's group out of the Ante chapel but we were watching a light anomaly develop before our eyes.


Hi folks,

Cobwebs have formed over the blog page.
It is now exactly a year since Malcolm and Me worked together and I feel we have pushed back many boundaries with the help of guests. Please keep in touch because this is an on-going journey of discovery

Warmest wishes n

Hi Folks,
Deepest apologies for no blog – life just got in the way.
I have started writing a serious academic work on the paranormal and a short story for children called ‘Monty’s Ball’ based upon my ‘imagined’ origins of our pet terrier Monty who was rescued by RSPCA – I intend donating the story to them and hope to raise funds.
Boxes stored in the garage since 2002 have been opened and revealed my art, rare music and and archaeological files dating back to the early 1980s.
I feel the cobwebs forming once again. Bye…………………………
Warmest wishes

Hi Folks,
This is probably the most profound thing I will ever write.
Castle Rising (Castle and village) has always been plagued by an evil entity which has existed around the old church and may have been the reason for the original religious foundation.
I thank his Grace Abba Seraphim for his exorcism and David Rawlin for his completion of the task.
The site is truely cleared but the village may take time to return to a normal state.
As Patrick Firth famously stated after the final cleansing “the children can sing and dance again”.
The spirit world has drawn closer than ever – these are very exciting times.

Bloody Hell, is it that long since I used this page. I'm going to use this more from now on.